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About LEP

The Lafayette Peer Empowerment Project (LPEP), was launched in June 2015 and provides both after-school and summer programming. 

LPEP fosters strong relationships with peers and mentors, promotes self-efficacy and provides a safe place, where participants’ ideas are valued. 

Our youth have the unique opportunity to use their talents to support the common good.  

The program is not prescriptive; rather students address salient issues that they themselves define and which best reflect their values and interests. 


Through the Years

LPEP students have designed community-based projects to tackle the issues of post-secondary access, institutional racism, teen mental health and substance abuse, LGBTQ+ awareness and peer bullying. 

They have led the Lafayette in Action events, volunteered for the MLK March, given public presentations to educate the community on social issues and created local art, such as the DIVERSITY sign at Centaurus High School. 

LPEP students are empowered to make their voices heard, to reach out to other youth who are in need, to maintain their educational success and to express their passions in ways that give them purpose and self-fulfillment. 

  • November 21, 2022

  • November 21, 2022

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