Art 4 Social Change is one of the Lafayette Empowerment Center’s long-standing and popular programs. Operating out of several venues, we provide students with an opportunity to employ the arts as a viable tool for social change. 


Our classes, programs, and projects are free! 

A4SC seeks to empower young people, particularly those who face economic and/or cultural barriers, to emerge as engaged citizens and leaders. We aim to contribute to a more inclusive and diverse Lafayette community.

Through artistic opportunities, our youth explore their passions, connect with the world around them and learn that their voice is valuable and heard, no matter their age or economic status. 

What's Happening now?

To introduce elementary school students to the arts and community as a vehicle for social change, we are offering Art 4 Social Change to students in grades K-5. 

Classes begin February 21, 2022 and will be held on Mondays from 3:30-4:30 pm. Snacks included each week. 


Theater Tech is a unique 6-12th grade opportunity for learning how to build and paint sets, construct props, use hand tools, learn about stage lights and what is involved in stage sound.

Experience the fun of designing, drawing and building sets from our expert teacher Douglas Fry.

Theater Tech begins on April 20, 2022 and meets on Wednesdays from 4:30-6:00 pm. Snacks included each week. 


A4SC Summer Programs!

We are excited to be offering summer programming for our artistic and community-minded incoming 1-5th graders! 

The summer will bring ceramic, cooking, and video production camps to ALL of Lafayette youth, as well as TONS of other fun and creative artistic projects. Our young community leaders will also get the chance to swim at the Great Outdoors Water Park during the summer as well! 

As always, The Lafayette Empowerment Center programs are FREE, as we focus entirely on bringing inclusive opportunities to Lafayette youth.  

Week 1:  June 6-9, 2022,  12- 2 pm Learning about the Earth through Ceramics: Grades 2-5

Week 2:  June 6-9 2022,  10 am -12 pm Fairy Houses Ceramics Grades K-3

Week 2:  June 13-16, 2022,  3-5 pm You Tube and TikTok Mastery Grades 7-10

Week 3:  June 20-24  2022,  12-2 pm Cooking Mania Grades K-5

Week 3:  June 20-24 2022,  3-5 pm Making Sweet Treats Grades K-5

Week 4:  June 27-28 2022,  12-2 pm Great Outdoors Water Park 

Week 4:  June 29-30  2022,  12-2 pm Great Outdoors Water Park

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