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About Us

Empowerment Through the Years

The Lafayette Empowerment Center has been a part of the Lafayette community since the 1990s, originally operating under the name Project Yes. 

Through the evolution of the Empowerment Center, our commitment to nurturing a strong, vibrant youth culture has remained strong and highly effective. 


Today, we operate No-Cost after-school and summer programs serving youth of all ages in our local schools and community centers.

We are excited to announce that we are reinvigorating the popular and long-standing programs that we offer the Lafayette community!

2021-22 Programming

Serving Lafayette’s K-12 youth, our theme for the 2021-22 academic year is: Rebuilding Connection through Mental Health.

Our youth will be focusing on redefining “normal” after the trauma of COVID-19.

Through grants and financial donations from the community, all of our programs and projects are FREE for participating youth.

Lafayette Peer Empowerment Project

Lafayette Peer Empowerment Project

Art 4 Social Change

Art 4 Social Change

The Lafayette Empowerment Center is excited to offer
Theater & Art Programming SCHOLARSHIPS!

A4SC youth of all ages are welcome to apply for the opportunity to perform in live theater productions and Art Programming at the Arts Hub, located at 420 Courtney Way in Lafayette. 

Through thoughtful questions, we are thrilled to award our youth with scholarship funding. All kids deserve the chance to explore creative expression and thrive within the creative arts.

We are thrilled to announce that we have provided 5 scholarships this fall for elementary students to perform in a production of The Lion King! 




2020-21 Lafayette Empowerment Center Activities